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Dr Amit Jain is a Spiritual Scientist, Psychologist and Wellness MD, who has been meditating, practicing yoga, studying psychology, holistic health, energy healing, motivational and peak performance techniques, since he was twenty, from the day he left CA (Chartered Accountancy) in 1992. In spite of having done B.Com.(Hons.) from SRCC and being an AICWA (Cost and Management Accountant), he chose to follow his heart.

For over eighteen years he has researched and studied Yogic and Gnostic Psychology, Eastern and Western Energy Healing, Yogic sciences, Prana Vidya, Sidha Vidya, and spiritual practices from teachers around the world, including India, Tibet, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, China and the Philippines.

He studied GNOSIS, Psychology, Meditation, Yoga, Anthropology and other esoteric subjects under CEG, an erstwhile International Gnostic Organization founded on the Gnostic Teachings of Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor. For his Teacher’s course in Spiritual Psychology and GNOSIS, he lived in a remote Monastery near Montserrat Mountains in Spain for 3 months.

He personally studied Arhatic Yoga, Feng Shui and Pranic Healing with Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, who was an internationally known expert, best selling author and teacher. He studied Alternative Medicine from IBAM, a Private University for 5 years to get his Doctorate in Alternative Medicine.

He is also the inventor of the powerful “Life Card”, a truly effective Health|Wealth|Luck Charm and “Chakra Healing Tool”, a powerful tool for healers. He is the author of “The Long Lost Hidden Anti-Aging Secret of The Fountain of Youth”, “World’s 1st Sex Ed Manual For Parents” and “VastuZen - Feng Shui 2.0”. His latest invention the "White Armor" is a powerful tool for protection against evil eyes, psychic attacks and black magic.




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Healing and Medicine are two very different disciplines and the law requires the following disclaimer. The information on this website is not medicine, nor are Life Card and White Armor medicinal tools, but healing and thus does not constitute medical advice. In case of severe illness, please consult the practitioner of your choice.